Google Cardboard

You’ve probably heard about Google Cardboard somewhere or sometime and how you can easily assemble one for yourself. Unfortunately the bigger phones (5,5″ screen and bigger) couldn’t fit the standard ones. Buttons were being pressed by accident, and it just didn’t look very sexy. Of course there were some larger models already on the market, but since I like creating stuff myself I made my own version!

Google Cardboard?
If you don’t know what Google Cardboard is don’t worry, I’ll explain. Maybe you know about Oculus Rift, the Virtual Reality (VR) headset? In essence the Google Cardboard is the same. One difference is that you can create your own Cardboard headset rather easily, and it’s cheap! As the name suggests it is made out of cardboard, which you simply fold. To get it working you just need some small extra parts like lenses, magnets and Velcro. The Google Cardboard app lets you play some demos, but more and more interesting third-party apps and games appear in the Play Store.

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