Assembling the headset

Now that you’ve collected the necessary items we can start with assembling the headset. You will need some additional tools though, which are shown in the photo below (click to enlarge):

Step-by-step plan
Down here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to cut the headset and assemble it.

1. Prepare the template
Print out the template on regular paper (so not too thick) and cut it out. The numbers on the template tell you where to glue two different parts of the template together: glue the white number 1 on top of the black number 1, the white number 2 on top of the black number 2, and so on. If you hold the paper in front of a light source or your window you can do this rather precise. In the end you’ll have this:

2. Cut the cardboard
Attach the template to the cardboard by using some tape. Start with cutting the cardboard along the solid black lines. You can try scissors, but I would recommend you to use a sharp knife and a ruler. This will make sure that the edges of the cardboard are smooth.

Continue with cutting all the solid black lines, including the small holes (the hardest part). Start folding the cardboard along the red dashed lines. To make sure you fold the cardboard in the right places you can attach the template back on top of the cardboard. In the end you’ll have this:

3. Fold the headset
Take the lenses and place them like explained in the template.

Fold the cardboard and glue (permanent) or tape (less permanent) it together. This is personal and thus up to you!

Start folding the largest piece of cardboard, like this:

Fold the flap, take the two magnets, and affix them to either side of the cardboard. The disk magnet is placed into the hole while the ring magnet is affixed on the opposite side of the cardboard. Like this:

And this:

Now take the other cardboard pieces and attach them to the largest cardboard piece. You might need to trim some of the holes and edges of the cardboard a little to make sure that everything fits nicely. Now you’ll have something like this (I didn’t use glue or tape here for the sake of making the tutorial, so it looks kinda odd):

Attach the flap on top of the headset, trim some of the holes and edges if necessary, and glue or tape it all together. Like this:

And this:

4. Create the Velcro closures
Prepare the Velcro by cutting 4 pieces of both strips (so 4 pieces with hooks and 4 pieces with loops). My pieces were around 3 cm in length (1 inches). To make sure that the hook and loop strips of each closure are equal in length just attach them to each other before cutting, like in the picture below:

Remove the backing paper and attach the Velcro strips to your headset. You might want to use some extra super glue to make sure it is securely attached to the cardboard, because my experience is that the Velcro tends to come off under pressure (for instance when your phone is inserted).

Create two closures on top of the headset:

And two on the extra flaps I designed to keep your phone in place.

Like this:

Now the headset is completely assembled and you are almost ready to play with it!