Making the first cuts!

Now that the MDF is delivered, the next step is to make all the necessary cuts and adjustments before we can start assembling the cabinet. The most important of these cuts is the one on the bottom. The bottom plate of the cabinet is secured by the sides by a so-called flat bottomed groove. We need a router with a straight router bit to make these kind of cuts.


The real deal

After getting familiar with the new router we bought and after making some test cuts we finally get to be working on the cabinet! A small photo report:

The router bits we need↪ The router bits we need

↪ Making the first flat bottomed groove cut

↪ Close-up of the groove cut

↪ For the rubbers that hold the playfield glass we need a very small cut. We used a slot cutter bit.

↪ At the back end of the cabinet sides we need to remove a small triangle. This way the backbox will fit on top of the cabinet.

↪ Preparing the miter saw

↪ And the end result